Mia S. - “Mama Melli’s is a breath of fresh air. We love taking our 3 year old daughter here and feel good about doing it. Our child has blossomed and made some great friendships along the way. They do nature walks, go visit the animals and spend time exploring outdoors. I love that Mama Melli is fostering values of intention and self awareness early on. Highly recommend this childcare center!”

Kristin M. - “We LOVE Mama Melli's!! We've been sending our daughter there for 6 months and it's been absolutely wonderful!! Melissa has an amazing energy and demonstrates kindness, patience and love in every interaction with the children. You can tell she truly loves what she does and each child she cares for. The way I've observed her handle tiny conflicts between kids is unlike anything I've ever seen and I've even found myself using some of the things she says at home with my daughter. She models conflict resolution beautifully! Mama Melli has become an extension of our family and our daughter talks about her, as well as the other teachers and her new friends, all the time. When asked who she wanted to invite to her birthday party this year, her first response - "Mama Melli!" She loves her Mama Melli - and for good reason! Melissa is super flexible and follows the parent's lead on all sorts of things from handling drop off with a child that's just not quite ready to say goodbye, to dietary preferences, to potty training. We feel confident that our daughter is safe and being well taken care of while she's at Mama Melli's. When our daughter first started going, it was her first time away from home and Melissa sent me frequent updates throughout the day for the first several days she was there. It was so reassuring to see pictures of her and to know she was doing okay. And it meant a lot that Melissa understood the anxiety parents new to daycare usually feel. I had checked out tons of other daycare centers, many much closer to where we live. But in the end, the extra drive is well worth it - it offers so much more and the love and care the children receive is unbeatable. Thank you Mama Melli!!!”

Chloe L. - “Melissa and her entire staff are absolutely phenomenal! I searched for a while to find a center that matched as close as possible to the ideals and philosophy that we have at home and this is it! Such a loving, caring, and supportive environment for my little one. We've seen amazing growth and maturity while he's been there and we can't imagine him being anywhere else! We all love Mama Melli!”

Lindsay C. - “When some one says “there is a childcare facility on a farm that has a small child to caregiver ratio, serves organic gluten free foods, has yoga under a tree with chickens, Tunebugz music class in an old farm house, and promotes loving environment- administered by an acupuncturist and mother of two,” You think- this is way too good to be true, believe me this place exists. Talk about hitting the holistic jackpot for childcare! We really feel blessed to have Melli in our lives. Both of our children have attended Mama Melli Childcare Center. My daughter started just shy of 18 months (she’s almost 6 now) which led to my 3 year old son being surrounded by Mama Melli’s loving environment since birth. We are beyond grateful for all the strong confident foundations Melli and her amazing caregivers have inspired in our children. Our littles are stewards of nature, make healthy food choices for their own bodies, know how to diplomatically interact with their peers, love yoga, and music, all thanks to this one of a kind enchanted farm environment. Thank you, thank you, thank you 💗”

Allison B. -”We hold a special place in our heart for Mama Melli’s. Our son has been attending Melli’s since he was 18mo on the dot. At first we were anxious as it was his first school experience, but after 6+ months, we could not be happier. Our son is absolutely thriving. At 2yo he comes home happy, chattery, reflecting on the exciting things he did that day. Visiting the animals on the farm, yoga, gardening, music, adventures, getting dirty...everything you want your child to get to experience in this fast paced world we live in.
If you visit Melli’s you’ll also notice something very unique about the environment: the little ones radiate joy and love. You will no doubt be greeted by cheerful toddler “hi!!”s and my husband and I were both taken aback by the peace and cheerfulness when we first visited. Melli is an excellent communicator and you can tell that she has put her soul into this school and these children.
Our son is safe and is LOVED here. Each day ends with a hug, kiss and “I love you!” from Melli and the other teachers. You can really tell that they are genuinely invested in his trust and wellbeing and I feel confident in leaving him under their care.
Invest in your child’s future by visiting Mama Melli’s. You will NOT be sorry.”