Play. Love. BE.

Holistic Development Program

You love your little human.  You would do anything for her. You know that in the first 3 years of development your human will produce 700 new neural connections every second.  You know that this means the environment you put your child in now can affect the way he feels, thinks, behaves and socializes now and for the rest of her LIFETIME.  You know this.  And it scares the heck out of you!

Why is it so scary?  Because most of what we see on the news is violence, sickness, destruction and hate.  And you do NOT want that for your kiddo.

What if your rapidly growing human could learn self-love, self-empowerment, compassion and healthy habits starting at the glorious age of 1, right when all of these neural connections are being made? What if you could put your child in an environment where love and kindness isn’t just taught, but it IS.  What if you could keep your child from being surrounded by, bombarded by and fed toxins? What if?

I am Melissa Peck, owner of Mama Melli Childcare Center, a play-based holistic development program for your growing little human, and I passionately believe that by changing the way we do childcare in the first few years of life we can stop the hate, we can put an end to violence, we can change the world.

At Mama Melli Childcare Center we offer a loving environment that looks out for the health of your child in the way she eats, the way he thinks, the way she breaths, the way he heals, the way she socializes, and the way he plays.  We do all of this and we have so much fun! It's a preschool like no other.

Please, come join the Mama Melli Family!  Help us change the world one kiddo at a time.