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We love to explore outside on our 30 acre farm!

We love to explore outside on our 30 acre farm!

feel free to be silly and dress up!

feel free to be silly and dress up!

teachers with a special talent share their creativity with the kiddos!

teachers with a special talent share their creativity with the kiddos!


  1. LOVE - Love first. Always. When in doubt, choose love. In any situation, no matter how challenging, love wins.

  2. JOY - Laugh hard, hug lots, play and create meaningful connections, and have fun!

  3. RESPECT - Respect all beings, all living things. Respect these children and their families. And always respect the seriousness of our responsibility to keep these kids safe, loved, and cared for.

These kids learn not only from what we say and do, but from who we are. So let us BE love, BE joy, BE respect, and be all that we can for these little ones.


  1. Childcare Discount - FREE childcare for your little one while you are working (must be 18 months or older).

  2. Paid Training Hours - Mama Melli Childcare Center will pay for all of your training hours that are required to begin working in a childcare center, as well as your annual training hours (all required by the state of Texas).

  3. Snacks Provided - Enjoy snack time with the kiddos!

  4. Direct Deposit, Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule - Choose to have your pay directly deposited into your bank account every 2 weeks. Or, if you prefer, a check can be provided.

  5. Regular Schedule - You never have to check a schedule to see when you’re working because we work on a consistent schedule. If you want to work more hours, there are always opportunities to substitute for another employee.

  6. Birthday Celebrations - We want to celebrate YOU!

  7. Low Stress Environment - We have an extremely low ratio of children to adults so it never feels too overwhelming. Also, because of the low ratio, we are very close with all of our families and we work with some amazing families. We have a small team of employees so communication and friendship building is easy. And our location is incredibly peaceful, joyful, and refreshing.


This is a very small company, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a potential for growth. Dream big!

  1. Teacher

  2. Lead Teacher

  3. Assistant Director

  4. Director


“Working at Mama Melli’s has been wonderful. Melissa is endlessly kind and attentive to the kiddos, and she extends that patience to her employees as we learn her methods of guiding children. The farm is a dream as well - forests to explore, goats and horses to feed, and wide open sky to look up at. I have learned an enormous amount since I started working here - from how to encourage children to resolve conflict with one another to how to encourage their curiosity about the world - and I’m so grateful to Melissa and Mama Melli’s for that knowledge! Would absolutely recommend.” ~ Lily V.