Here is what parents are saying...

"Our family relocated to Austin on fairly short notice for a work transfer, and at that time our 16 month old daughter had only been in the care of relatives.  I was very nervous about finding a child care situation where I knew she would be attended to with the love and sensitivity that we provide her at home.  I also wanted to find an environment that used positive discipline, provided a lot of outdoor free play and could provide consideration to special dietary needs.  I knew from our first interview with Melissa that we had found the right place.  Our daughter loved coming to Miss Melli's so much that she spoke often about the other girls and  her daily activities.  As Violet learned to talk, she shared more and more about her time at playcare and sometimes she didn't even want to leave when I came to pick her up!  If Miss Melli's is full, it's totally worth going on a waitlist!  I've never had to worry about Violet and this piece of mind is worth more to me than gold." 

“Honestly I can tell you that our experience has been above and beyond. You each have so much to offer the kids and it really shows. From the way you listen and speak to them with such sincerity. You look them in the eyes. You show them respect. We have had two really awful experiences before (at schools that I even worked at) which were pretty traumatizing (more for me but as a teacher as well). Although that led to my ultimate decision of staying home with her, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this community. Right when I walked in that first visit I knew it would be a special place. Even after such a short period of time we are noticing her advancements in so many areas… I literally tell N everyday how happy I am that we found you and your happy home.  I leave her everyday feeling really good because I know she and all of the other kids are so loved.”

“We are super happy as you can probably tell by the fact that I never want to leave once I drop B off in the AM. I stumbled across your website when B was just a few months old in my tummy and stalked you and dreamed about the day she would attend Mama Melli’s from then on. I couldn’t believe that a place existed that was in line with our plans for healthy organic eating, free play, holistic medicine, etc. and that it was in our area of town. I wanted to avoid the corporate day care system at all costs and this in-home, loving environment is what we were looking for.  All the helpers we’ve met have such a wonderful, loving energy too. A garden, water days, yoga, meditation, a dog, front yard play, backyard play, baby massage, essential oils, home cooked/organic/gluten free snacks, free wellness days for parents, a private blog, hugs from W… I mean seriously what else could a parent ask for. I can see how attentive you are with B when she has the slightest diaper rash and, most importantly I see how loving and patient you are to all the kiddos and I get the sense that you truly care for and are entertained by my child – that means the world to a working mom who struggles daily with wanting to take care of her kid herself each day. Plus, even after dealing with crazy kiddos all day you always ask how my morning or day at work was – you are just too much… I hope you realize the gift you are giving to parents like W and I – a place where our decisions are honored and lifestyle choices aren’t judged, but even embraced. I am so impressed by your hard work, commitment, patience and love…”