1. What is your philosophy on education? At Mama Melli’s we have created an educational environment that includes a bit of the Reggio Emilia approach and a bit of the Montessori approach, but we most closely resemble the Waldorf approach.

  2. What does Holistic Development Program mean? This term confuses a lot of people because we don’t generally think of a childcare center or a preschool as being holistic.  Our purpose here is to enrich children’s lives, to set them up for a future filled with confidence, self love, self empowerment, and to give them the tools to handle whatever comes their way with grace, calm, patience, integrity and the belief that they got this, they can do this.  Whatever THIS is. We practice mindfulness, we recite I Am mantras, we read books, we practice yoga, we SHOW THEM by practicing love and kindness and respect ourselves. 

     In addition to all of this, we spend a lot of time outside with nature, gardening, feeding animals on this beautiful farm. We eat the food we grow and all the other food we provide is mostly organic, gluten free, mostly vegan and full of fruits and vegetables. Everything we put on their bodies, like sunscreen, bug spray and soap is non toxic. And We diffuse essential oils throughout the day that are calming and benefit their growing minds. We have also introduced music as part of our program and we are very excited about this. The kids love it!

  3. What does a typical day at Mama Melli’s look like? What activities are provided? For details on what a typical day looks like, please click here. The organized activities provided include, Time In (our mindfulness practice), Music, Yoga, Crafts, and Food Prep (they make their own afternoon snack).

  4. Can you tell me about nap time? Nap time typically occurs around 12:30 and typically ends around 2:00 (if kids want to continue to sleep, we allow that!). For our no-nappers, we require 30 minutes of quiet time and then they can play outside. There are 3 adults at nap time to help facilitate the process, to help the children in any way they need to calm their bodies. We provide the mats and the parents provide a fitted crib sheet that we wash once a week. You are welcome to bring any accessories your child may need to help soothe them.

  5. Do you provide lunch? We do not provide lunch. Parents bring ready-to-eat food in ready-to-eat containers, packed in a lunch box with an ice pack. We provide morning and afternoon snacks.

  6. What is your child to adult ratio? 10:2 or 3, extremely low!

  7. What form of discipline do you use? At Mama Melli’s we believe there are no bad kids. We use a gentle form of discipline that includes words and phrases learned during our mindfulness practice. We believe children learn from concepts and repetition. We encourage love, kindness, and soft gentle touches.

  8. How can I get updates on how and what my child is doing throughout the day(s)? All parents have continuous access to the Owner/Director, for any questions they have or any updates they need. We also note on a chalk board how their child did that day, whether they napped and for how long, and if they had a bowel movement. In addition, we have a monthly blog post with pictures that only the enrolled families have access to.

  9. When are you closed? We are a year-round school closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the day after), about a week during the holidays, and AISD spring break.

  10. How do I know if this is the right place for my child? Do you believe in our philosophies? Does your child love to be outdoors? Do you raise your child in a holistic manner? Do you want a lot of 1:1 connection for your child throughout the day? What feeling do you get when you walk in or when you leave? If you believe we are a good fit for your family, great! If not, we understand and we wish you the best on your school search!